Lower total system cost

Ampt optimizers save on electrical BOS, inverter, and other costs to lower total PV system cost on day one.

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Increase performance

Ampt optimizers recover energy from system degradation and mitigate mismatch losses to increase lifetime energy.

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Decrease EBOS costs

Ampt’s patented technology allows for more modules per string to eliminate electrical BOS components and labor.

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Reduce inverter costs

Inverter’s with Ampt Mode® have a higher power density to lower the cost per watt.

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Lower Total System Cost

Increase Performance

Decrease EBOS Costs

Reduce Inverter Costs

Add DC-coupled storage

Energy Storage Systems (ESS) are rapidly decreasing in cost with new business models emerging to take advantage of PV+storage opportunities.

Ampt optimizers make it possible to add DC-coupled storage to your existing PV plant or hybrid system using a cost effective and scalable solution.

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