Module-Level OEM Solutions

Ampt’s patented technology allows inverter manufactures to create differentiated value.


Innovative technology with an advantage

Inverter companies partner with Ampt to offer packaged solutions that deliver greater value to their customers. From regulatory-compliant residential solutions to low-cost DC-coupled storage applications, inverter companies gain the Ampt advantage.

Ampt module optimizers are DC/DC converters that put maximum power point tracking (MPPT) and optional wireless communication capabilities on each PV module. Ampt’s patented technology allows for flexible designs that maximize energy production from each module while lowering the cost of system components.
  • StringStretch® technology for longer strings
  • Patented output voltage and current limits
  • Fast and accurate MPPT per PV module
  • High efficiency power conversion
  • Instrument-grade precision measurement
  • Optional two-way wireless communication on each module
  • Independent power optimization without reliance on communication
  • Inverter and module compatible
  • Compatible with 3rd party monitoring

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