Ampt Optimizers lower the cost of solar energy

Ampt Optimizers are DC/DC converters that are used to lower the cost and improve the performance of large-scale PV systems. Ampt Optimizers feature patented technology that uniquely enables PV systems to deliver more value than traditional system designs without Ampt.

Ampt Optimized system vs. Traditional without Ampt

Ampt Optimizers lower system cost while increasing performance

Ampt Optimized systems are distinguished from other solutions by uniquely delivering a true spend-less-get-more value proposition. Systems with Ampt lower the total system cost on day one and deliver more energy to increase lifetime revenues.

Decrease wiring costs – Ampt's String Stretch® technology allows system designers to build 100% longer strings. This reduces the number of combiners, disconnects, and homeruns by 50% which saves on materials, shipping, and installation costs of those components. Ampt's String Stretch® technology also allows smaller wire to be used which further reduces costs.

Reduce inverter costs – Ampt Optimizers allow inverters to operate in Ampt Mode® which increases the inverters rated output power by 40-70% to reduce the inverter cost per watt. 

Increase performance – Ampt Optimized systems have a higher resolution of maximum power point tracking (MPPT) than traditional systems. Systems with Ampt String Optimizers perform MPPT on every 3 to 6kW of PV which is 50 to 300 times more granular than typical central inverters without Ampt. The higher the MPPT granularity, the more energy produced.

Ampt's patented features increase system ROI

Ampt Optimizers feature Ampt's String Stretch®, Ampt Mode®, and dual MPP trackers per string to deliver differentiated value.

String Stretch® – Ampt's technology puts output voltage and current limits on each string. With output voltage limits, string lengths are no longer limited by the PV module's open circuit voltage on the coldest day allowing PV designers to double the number of modules per string - for example, 40 modules (72-cell) per string on a 1000 volt system. The output current limit removes the need for system designers to build in current carrying capacity margin for “over sun” conditions when specifying cable thickness, fuse and other component ratings while still complying with safety codes. This means smaller conductor sizing per kilowatt delivered. With Ampt, system designers save up to 50% on electrical BOS costs.

Ampt Mode® – Inverters with Ampt Mode® operate in a narrow input voltage range that is closer to the maximum system voltage. This allows the inverter to deliver a higher minimum AC output voltage at the same current which raises the rated output power of the inverter. Delivering more power from a given inverter lowers the inverter's cost per watt. Inverters with Ampt Mode® are available from our partners.

Dual MPPT per string - Ampt String Optimizers put two maximum power point trackers on every string. By distributing MPPT throughout the array, Ampt optimized systems mitigate or eliminate mismatch losses to deliver more energy under changing environmental and system conditions over the lifetime of the power plant.

Ampt String Optimizers

Large-scale PV systems benefit from Ampt String Optimizers which put output voltage and current limits on each string to enable electrical BOS and inverter cost savings. Ampt String Optimizers also distribute MPPT throughout the array to generate more energy across the lifetime of the PV plant. The result? A true spend-less-get-more value proposition.

   V1000 String Optimizer Datasheet
   V1000 Installation Manual
   V750 JP String Optimizer Datasheet
   V600 String Optimizer Datasheet
   V600 Installation Manual

Ampt Module Optimizers

Small rooftop systems in shaded environments benefit from Ampt Module Optimizers which put MPPT on each module to maximize energy generation under mismatch conditions and can be either externally mounted (Ampt-x) or integrated inside the PV module junction box (Ampt-i)

   Ampt-x Optimizer Datasheet
   Ampt-i Optimizer Datasheet

Ampt StringView®

Ampt StringView® provides highly accurate and synchronous string-level data through wireless communication between an Ampt-CU and Ampt Optimizers. The Ampt-CU links to your monitoring system via Modbus. Ampt StringView® and the Ampt-CU are optional and not required to use Ampt Optimizers.

   StringView Datasheet
   Ampt-CU Installation Manual