Ampt Optimizers

Advanced technology to increase system ROI

Ampt Optimizers are DC/DC converters that include multiple maximum power point tracking (MPPT) and patented String Stretch™ and Ampt Mode™ technology to lower total system cost while increasing system performance.

Increase performance – Putting MPP tracking closer to the source of generation increases PV system energy output. The more granular and efficient the power management is, the higher the system production will be under changing environmental and system conditions over the lifetime of the power plant.

Reduce inverter costs – Systems with Ampt allow inverters to operate in Ampt Mode™ - a higher and narrower input voltage range. This optimized input range makes it possible for the inverter to deliver up to twice as much power from the same hardware. Doubling the output power is equivalent to cutting the inverter cost in half. 

Decrease wiring costs – Ampt's String Stretch™ technology puts patented voltage and current limits on each string. The voltage limit lets PV designers lower cabling and combiner costs by designing systems with more modules per string while the current limit enables smaller conductor sizing per kilowatt delivered.

Ampt String Optimizers

Ampt String Optimizers put multiple MPP tracking on each string of PV modules in large-scale PV systems to reduce system cost and increase performance.

Ampt-i Optimizers

Ampt-i Optimizers are integrated into PV module junction boxes. These active electronics feature high reliability, multi-mode MPPT and optional wireless communication capabilities.

Ampt-x Optimizers

Ampt-x Optimizers are externally connected with PV modules and mounted to racking. They perform module-level MPPT and have optional wireless communication.

Home Run Diode

Ampt’s home run diode is a blocking diode that is placed in series on the home run wire of a string of PV modules whenever Ampt-i/x Optimizers are deployed. The diode prevents a reverse flow of current into the lowest voltage string.