V750 Series

The V750 Series is used to optimize new and existing 750-volt PV systems with models available up to 9.5kW maximum output power.

  • Dual MPPT per string
  • StringStretch® technology
  • Enables inverters with Ampt Mode®
  • Direct-to-BatteryTM technology
  • Optional wireless communication
Applications and Benefits:

Optimize PV Systems:
  • Lower total system cost
  • Increase performance
  • Decrease EBOS costs
  • Reduce inverter costs
Upgrade PV Systems:
  • Repower existing 750-volt systems
  • Replace obsolete 750-volt inverters with lower cost per watt 1000-volt inverters at full rated power
  • Add more DC power using DC/AC ratios of 2:1 or more
  • Add DC-coupled storage
DC-Coupled Storage:
  • Direct-to-BatteryTM architecture
  • Direct to ChargerTM architecture
Monitoring and O&M:
  • Optional wireless communications with Ampt CU
  • String-level performance data
  • Enhanced optimizer output controls for storage applications