Applications that increase ROI

Ampt DC power management to optimize new and existing PV systems.

Products that deliver unmatched value

Ampt products feature patented technology that enables PV systems to deliver more value than traditional systems.

String Optimizers

Lower the cost and improve performance of new PV systems, repower existing systems, and enable low-cost DC-coupled storage.

Communication Unit

High-accuracy synchronous performance data from Ampt DC optimizers.

Discover the Ampt Difference


Lower total system cost

Decrease wiring costs
Reduce inverter cost
Lower battery system cost
Reduce tracker cost
Save on labor costs


Increase performance

Eliminate losses from mismatch between strings
Recover energy from system degradation
Increase lifetime revenues with more energy


Reduce inverter costs

Lower cost per watt with higher rated output power
Fewer inverters per megawatt
Higher operating efficiencies


Decrease wiring costs

Fewer combiners and home runs
Smaller wire per kilowatt


Improve O&M

String-level data from optimizers via wireless communication
Quickly detect, isolate, and resolve PV system issues


Increase power plant ROI

A true spend-less, get-more solution
Spend less on CapEx day one
Get more energy and revenue
Lower operating costs


Optimized PV + DC-coupled storage

Capture more energy
Lower cost ESS
Improved grid responsiveness
Higher DC:AC ratio (up to 3:1)


Full tracker fit

Maximize modules per tracker
Lower tracker cost per watt

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