From small commercial and industrial systems to large utility-scale projects, Ampt products are being deployed around the world. The representative examples that follow demonstrate how our customers are using Ampt optimizers to unlock project


World’s Largest Deployment of DC Optimizers


Large-Scale Ground Mount Systems


Large Commercial Rooftop Installations


Optimize New Build PV Systems


System Upgrades to Maximize Energy


Lower Total System Costs


Save on EBOS Costs


Maximize System Performance


DC-Coupled Storage Optimized with Ampt

Reduced EBOS costs on a new-build mega-solar system

Deployed with ABB 500kW central inverters

Large commercial system with Ampt Mode inverter

Maximize performance and usable space in large rooftop system

Ampt Communication Unit collecting data from 600kW array block

Deployed with Fuji Electric central inverters

Repowering system with optimizers mounted together near combiner box

Deployed with REFU inverters

Better performance on uneven terrain

Deployed with SMA central inverters

Flexible to maximize available space

Ground mount system on Sungrow string inverters

New-build mega-solar system optimization

New-build commercial system optimization on KACO central inverter

Eliminate half of the combiners and cable while maximizing performance in high temperature environment

Flexible, fast mounting

Compatible with any PV module technology

Deployed with string inverters or central inverters to optimize DC-coupled storage

Mitigate shade from rooftop structures

New-build system optimization with lower EBOS costs

V600 Series optimizer in a 600-volt system using 1000-volt inverter at full rated power

500kW new-build system optimization

Mitigate perimeter shading using string-level MPPT

2-to-1 DC/AC ratio using Ampt string optimizers on a standard inverter to maximize ROI

String optimizers in large-scale deployment

Rooftop system in Europe

Ampt Communication Unit mounted near Satcon central inverter

DC-coupled ESS on a standard 1000-volt string inverter using Ampt’s Direct-to-battery technology

Deployed with KACO string inverters

Performance upgrade in Europe

400kW DC on a 200kW AC inverter

String optimizers are non-isolated devices that are compatible with both grounded and floating systems

2x the number of modules per string eliminates 50% of combiners and associated labor

Work around rooftop structures with string-level MPPT

Rooftop system optimization in the Middle East

Optimizing the cost and performance of a canopy shade structure