Integrity is our deepest core value. It is the center around which the rest of our values and actions are built. Without integrity, thoughts are clouded, words are hollow, actions are misdirected, and accomplishment is fleeting. With integrity, decisions are clearer, relationships are stronger and more lasting, products are truer to form, and failure is fundamentally impossible.

At Ampt, integrity means:

  • We do the right thing even when no one else is looking
  • We do what we say, when we say we will do it
  • We respect others and are inclusive
  • We make data driven decisions
  • We operate as if our company, coworkers and customers are our family

At Ampt, we choose to act with integrity, and we choose to collaborate with customers, partners and others in business who share this same core value.


Customer Focus

Customer focus is fundamental to our thoughts, actions, and goals. Our deep instinct is to continuously learn our customers' perspectives and needs, and then to apply our expertise and energy to deliver value. Every customer interaction must be authentic, collaborative and purposeful. We build strong and lasting customer relationships based on shared goals, shared values, a two-way commitment, and the daily effort to clear away barriers to success.

At Ampt, customer focus means:

  • We treat our customers, both external and internal, as long-term partners
  • We deliver unparalleled value and service to our customers
  • We communicate honestly and transparently
  • We strive for repeat customers

At Ampt, we choose to focus on customers, whose success is intrinsic to our own.



Innovation is part of our DNA. We thrive on developing the best ideas and growing them into something truly special. Our creativity is directed toward a purpose, and we recognize the magic of invention whether it happens in small steps or disruptive leaps. We bring a beginner’s mind to our daily endeavors to become better at each task, to be more open to possibility, and to expand the potential of ourselves, our team members and our partners.

At Ampt, innovation means:

  • We optimize solar energy conversion with amazing products and services
  • We continuously improve our products, processes and communication
  • We offer flexible solutions that deliver unmatched value
  • We seek out people who are more capable than ourselves and who challenge us

At Ampt, we choose to make innovation a core value by which we improve ourselves, our company, our customers and renewable energy for the world.



Relentlessness is the engine that drives our core values. It is the standard of effort we demand from ourselves and that we believe can inspire others. Relentlessness is a source and hallmark of quality. It is a key to unlocking both individual and team growth. Our relentlessness is energized by the passion we have for our work, our desire to meet commitments, and our belief in a mission that is bigger than ourselves. Relentlessness gives us the confidence to act on what we believe to be possible, knowing that we have the grit to make it happen.

At Ampt, relentlessness means:

  • We solve problems no matter how difficult
  • We always put the team before ourselves
  • We will accelerate the clean energy revolution

At Ampt, we choose to be relentless because it is natural to our character and essential to our mission.