Ampt is a recognized leader in PV power technology

Ampt is a privately held company that serves the global solar market to provide system level optimization that lowers the cost and increases the energy production of large-scale PV systems.

About Us

Ampt delivers innovative power conversion technology that improves the way PV systems are designed.


Ampt has demonstrated expertise in developing innovative power conversion technologies.

Leadership Team

Ampt’s leadership team has extensive experience operating and growing successful technology companies.

Our People

Our team members are experts in PV system development, applications and markets.

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About Us

Ampt was founded in 2007 and is headquartered in Fort Collins, Colorado. Ampt is established with sales and support in North America, Europe, Japan, and South Korea as well as representation in Southeast Asia, Australia, and the Middle East.

Ampt delivers innovative power conversion technology

Ampt’s award winning technology and communications capabilities improve the way PV systems are designed.


Patented technology

Ampt has a growing portfolio of patents that have been granted in all major markets that is used to uniquely enable optimal boundaries for voltage and current on the output of each DC power optimizer to lower total cost and improve performance of PV projects.


Product Quality and Reliability

Ampt is committed to deliver products that exceed all standard metrics of reliability and performance for similar products. The company invests heavily to ensure product performance through extensive testing - including independent evaluation by third parties.


Superior Field-Performance Results

Ampt products undergo rigorous performance testing to evaluate product performance and energy production advantages. Systems with Ampt Optimizers outperform those without Ampt by recovering losses caused by electrical imbalances (mismatch).


World-class manufacturing

  • ISO/TL 9000 operating standards
  • IPC Class III workmanship standards
  • Six-Sigma operating principles
  • Formal operational audit programs and reporting
  • Continuous quality improvement teams
  • Operational Excellence Management System

Leadership Team

Our team has demonstrated strong management and engineering leadership in the solar and power electronics industries with decades of experience.

Our Core Values



We choose to act with integrity which serves as the foundation for all of our core values.

Customer Focus

We build strong and lasting customer relationships based on shared goals and values.


Our creativity is directed toward a purpose and we recognize the magic of invention.


We are relentless in meeting our commitments and accelerating the clean energy revolution.

Our People

A rich heritage of creating best-in-class solutions to improve PV power generation and lower the cost of renewable energy.


Committed to making a difference

Our teams around the world are fundamentally changing the way PV systems are designed and managed to increase output, reduce cost, and improve customer project ROI. Together, with our partners, we are broadening the market for clean and renewable energy.