Ampt CU

The Ampt Communication Unit (CU) provides valuable system performance insight by collecting String View® data from Ampt String Optimizers via two-way wireless communication. String View data includes PV string current and voltage from each optimizer input, the optimizer’s output current and power, as well as daily integrated energy. The Ampt CU uses Modbus/TCP to pass records to your SCADA or data monitoring system to make the information available in the field, at your remote operations center, or through a third-party monitoring service.

  • Visibility – remotely track system output; identify and locate problems quickly
  • Synchronicity – view point-in-time measurements aligned across all optimizers to correlate data with events
  • Accuracy – measure output to +/- 0.25% accuracy
  • Compatibility – link seamlessly via Modbus to 3rd party SCADA gateways
  • Maximum output – avoid hidden losses from open disconnects/fuses, loose connections, soiling, vegetation management, degradation, tracker misalignment, and more.
  • String View - string-level data from optimizer inputs and outputs
  • Easy mapping – match data to both electrical and physical site layouts
  • Configurable – string data can be summarized at levels defined by the user
  • Modbus-ready – provides data in SunSpec format
  • Installation wizard – scan Ampt optimizers to capture location, verify connections, and record commissioning data
  • Commissioning tool – provides data to quickly troubleshoot electrical connections in the PV field

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