Ampt CU

The Ampt Communications Unit (CU) provides string-level performance data from the String Optimizers. This optional two-way wireless communication supports Ampt’s Monitoring and O&M application and also provides enhanced optimizer control for Ampt’s Direct-to-BatteryTM DC-Coupled Storage application.

  • Visibility – remotely track system output; identify and locate problems quickly
  • Faster commissioning – access data to verify electrical connections and perform troubleshooting
  • Synchronicity – view point-in-time measurements aligned across all optimizers to correlate data with events
  • Accuracy – measure output to +/- 0.25% accuracy
  • Compatibility – link seamlessly via Modbus to 3rd party SCADA gateways
  • Maximum output – avoid hidden losses from soiling, degradation, loose connections and other issues
  • Easy mapping – match data to your site layout
  • Configurable – individual string data can be summarized at levels defined by the end user
  • Control – provides enhanced optimizer output controls when deployed with Ampt’s Direct-to-BatteryTM storage applications

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