DC-Coupled Storage

Optimized solar + storage

Ampt optimizes both PV systems and DC-coupled storage to deliver unmatched value.


Lower Cost ESS

Use Ampt to optimize both solar array and storage equipment
Save on battery charging equipment
Save on inverter cost
Save on electrical BOS


Higher efficiency

Higher converter efficiencies
Fewer end-to-end conversions
Higher round-trip efficiency



Micro-grid to utility-scale projects
Increase storage capacity without adding conversion hardware
Add PV modules or storage over time



Use bi-directional or standard inverters
Battery technology independent
Add storage without new grid interconnect agreement
Works with large or small storage projects
Easily interfaces with third-party energy management systems


High DC ratios

Ampt optimizers enable inverters to accept DC ratios of 2:1 or more
Maximize energy generation
Deliver energy to battery and inverter simultaneously


Optimized PV Array

Fewer cables and combiners saves on equipment and labor costs
2 MPPTs per string increases lifetime system performance
Improved O&M with string-level data

Lower Cost Storage Architecture with Ampt



Ampt optimizers allow the DC bus to operate at a higher fixed voltage. This increases the power density of both the charging converter and inverter to lower equipment cost per watt while increasing the solar+storage system efficiency.

  • Lower cost per watt charging converter and inverter
  • Higher efficiencies with fixed DC bus voltage
  • Optimized PV array

Direct-to-ConverterTM Detailed View

  • EMS is the primary system controller
  • Controller sends signals to the battery, inverter, and charging converter
  • String Optimizer performs MPPT to deliver more energy from the array
  • The optimizer enables the DC bus to operate at a fixed high voltage
  • The charging converter and inverter have a higher power density to lower cost per watt

Example Solar+Storage Applications


  • Ramp rate control
  • Capacity firming
  • Recapture clipped energy
  • PV energy time shifting

Commercial Behind-the-meter

  • PV self-consumption
  • Demand charge reduction / peak shaving
  • Time-of-use energy cost management

Isolated (micro-grids)

  • Spinning reserve management
  • Step load capacity provision
  • Genset runtime optimization
  • Recapture curtailed PV energy

Superior storage with Ampt

  • Lower total solar+storage project cost
  • Lower cost power conversion
  • Higher round-trip efficiency
  • Scalable from micro-grid to large power plants
  • Battery technology independent
  • Standard or bi-directional inverter
  • Easier and lower cost storage expansion
  • More lifetime energy with string-level MPPT
  • Up to 50% fewer combiners and cabling
  • Improved O&M with string-level data

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