Optimize PV Systems

Optimize PV Systems

Ampt optimized systems are distinguished from other solutions by uniquely delivering a true spend-less-get-more value proposition.

Lower Total System Cost


Spend less, more output

Systems with Ampt lower the total system cost on day one and deliver more energy to increase lifetime revenues. Ampt optimizers unlock value in systems with maximum voltages ranging from 600 to 1500 volts.

Increase Performance


More lifetime energy

Ampt distributes maximum power point tracking (MPPT) throughout the array to generate more energy across the lifetime of the PV plant. Ampt optimizers eliminate mismatch between strings and recover degradation losses.


More MPPTs, more energy

Ampt optimizers put multiple MPPTs per string compared to central inverters that have only one MPPT for the full array. That is a ~125x resolution advantage with Ampt.


Ampt recovers lost energy

Ampt optimizers mitigate electrical mismatch losses that are built into the system or caused by environmental and other sources. The optimizers also recover mismatch losses caused by system degradation. Ampt’s performance advantage increases with time.

Decrease EBOS Costs


Longer Strings, Fewer Combiners

Ampt’s patented String Stretch® technology increases the number of modules per string.

Increasing the power to the combiner without increasing the current reduces the number of the electrical balance of system components to lower the system cost per watt.

Reduce Inverter Costs


Lower cost per watt inverters with Ampt

Ampt allows inverters to achieve up to a 50% increase in inverter rated output power. More power from the same inverter lowers the inverter cost per watt.Inverters with Ampt Mode are available in multiple system voltages.


More power from same inverter lowers cost per watt

Inverters with Ampt Mode® are configured by the manufacturer to operate in a narrow input voltage range that is closer to the maximum system voltage. This enables a higher output voltage at the same current to increase the rated output power.

Inverters with Ampt Mode are available in multiple system voltages.


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