Monitoring and O&M

Ampt String View® - high-accuracy synchronous data

String Optimizers include an optional wireless communication feature to provide greater PV system visibility at a lower cost


String Optimizers

Ampt String Optimizers are used to lower the total cost of PV systems by eliminating half of the electrical balance of system components and enabling lower cost per watt inverters. String Optimizers also put MPPT on each PV string to improve the lifetime performance of PV systems. These benefits are realized without communications.

Ampt Communication Unit (CU)

When using the optional wireless communication feature, the Ampt CU receives string output current and daily integrated energy data via two-way wireless communications from the Ampt String Optimizers. The Ampt CU uses Modbus/TCP to pass records to your SCADA or data monitoring system – making the information available in the field, at your remote operations center, or through a third-party monitoring service.

Scalable and compatible

  • String-level data via Modbus protocol
  • Compatible with 3rd party monitoring services
  • Easy integration with other on-site devices
  • Up to 10x lower cost than smart combiners

Real-time knowledge, optimized decisions

  • Reduced O&M costs
  • Faster system commissioning
  • More precise and reliable measurement
  • Greater predictability with lower risk
  • More informed decisions

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