How to maximize the potential of solar-plus-storage

A report from Ampt and Wood Mackenzie

Numerous factors are driving the growth of solar-plus-storage in the U.S. and around the globe. Among them are improving economics, policy support and the simple fact that an abundance of solar-plus-storage is needed for a renewables-dominated grid to remain firm and resilient.

There are three main solar-plus-storage architectures: AC-coupled, variable voltage DC-coupled (“Variable DC-coupled”) and high, fixed voltage DC-coupled (“Fixed DC-coupled”).

This report shows why the Fixed DC-coupled architecture provides superior cost and performance compared to the other options.

The report also references projects completed by Ampt, the world’s leading DC optimizer company for largescale PV systems.

Key takeaways include:

  • The drivers behind solar-plus-storage growth
  • Why not all solar-plus-storage configurations are created equal
  • How the performance, cost and control benefits of Fixed DC-coupled solar-plus-storage systems are manifesting in a large and quickening pace of deployments around the world

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